Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 12: The Trevor Project

Teenaged years were quite a while ago for me., (OK, that's an understatement!)  but I still remember the emotional turmoil as my brain and hormones and body all transitioned from childhood to adult-state.   I had a fairly benign experience, but even so, it was not a walk in the park. It's a really difficult time for anybody and when you add additional stressors, such as questions about one's own sexuality, difficult home life and bullying at school, it can make this transition almost impossible to navigate for some.  And so, some teens take what they see as the only way out of this madness and make the decision to end their lives.

Looking back, from the vantage point of an adult, it's easy to see that many of these problems will work themselves out over time and it truly will get better, but for teens in the middle of the emotional storm, that bright future is often impossible to envision.  This week's donation is going to an organization that is trying to guide kids like this through this difficult transition and see them safely on the other side.

The Trevor Project not only provides counseling to at-risk LGBTQ youth, but also helps them find local resources so they can build support systems and develop life skills that will help them cope with the challenges they are facing today and those they will encounter throughout their lives.  It's not only a cause I support, but this is also an organization that is effectively working toward these goals.

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