Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 13: American Diabetes Association

This week's charity was not exactly chosen by me.  I have a relative who is biking in the Tour de Cure and I wanted to support his efforts.  The more I learned about the cause, the happier I was that he had chosen this particular event to stretch his legs in.

Diabetes is one of those diseases I am always surprised that we haven't cured yet.  It's been around forever, and we have pretty much known what is not working in the body for ages, and yet, they have not yet figured out how to actually fix the insulin regulatory system when it decides to stop working properly.  I think that part of the problem is that many people think as I do, "Oh, it's totally treatable now.  All you need is an insulin pump or something and you are just fine."  While it's true that diabetics can live very normal lives, this is not a disease you can ever forget that you are living with.

I would love to see a cure for diabetes in my lifetime so that no child will ever again be sentenced to a lifelong battle with every scrap of food she eats or every exertion she chooses to make.  Not to mention, on a purely selfish note, that I run a slightly higher than average risk of developing pre-diabetic or diabetic issues as I age.  I'd really like you guys to fix this problem before it starts affecting me, OK?

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